Waterlogic Engineering Company Limited  is to  create  value  for  its  customers and  shareholders, therefore  boosting prosperity at  local   and  international levels with its  projects mainly focusing in utilization of  energy resources and  related  operations. Waterlogic Engineering regards rapid advances and ongoing changes in economic development as the real environment for its activities. The company seeks challenging tasks and welcome competition as a test of it's own ability to serve the world communities.

Waterlogic Engineering company regards organized methodical work, combined with the initiative of a coordinated team of employees, as a fruitful way to achieve success in its work .

The company operates the best available borehole drilling rigs, pump installations, test pumping, electrical installation among others, focusing on mobility, fast performance, safety and environmental protection.

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Address: 28507-00200 Nairobi, Kenya,
Telephone: +254-723 598 124
Mobile: +254-787 106 946